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  • Sales & Marketing to
    MENA or Asia?
    Market Entry MENA or Asia?
    Are you looking to expand your sales
    to the Arab Market or Asia?
    Looking for Asian or Arab partner companies or customers?
    Would you like to develop sales structures in MENA,
    or Asian?
  • Increase your sales to MENA or Asian!
    We reach the decision makers in MENA or Asia for you,
    with our networks in MENA or Asia you will get ahead.
    A Consulting agency, which opens the MENA Region to you!
    Sell to Libya, Saudi-Arabia, United Arab Emirates,
    Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iraq and more.
  • Do you want a
    success strategy
    for Foreign Markets?
    A concept, that achieves results is the foundation.
    Individual Networking 
    for your 
    successful Sales in MENA 
    Take advantage of the fantastic potentials!
    In order to achieve great results we limit the number of our customers.

    We will connect you to International Banks, Car Manufacturers,
    Petrochemical Industry, Sports Organisations, and much more.
  • Professional Translations
    We provide translation services for Arabic, English, Russian,
    Spanish, Farsi, Portuguese, French, German.

Consulting agency for the MENA Region

Projects with MENAbackgrounds

7Bay Consulting Agency is your Partner for projects in MENA. Profit from our networks in Mena.
We use our years of contacts and experience in the MENA Region in order to build your sales!
We do the preparations and have a consultant with you during negotiations.

For further information on specific concepts contact us.


The MENA Consulting Agency in overview
In order to achieve good results we only accept a limited number of customers offers its services in the fields of access to decision makers in Government and Industry in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuweit, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Irak, Lebanon and Sudan. This includes arranging contacts and accompanying and develping the relationships in MENA Region. Our MENA Consulting agency sets up your relationship with well known MENA companies and institutions, ie Tasnee, Sabic, Aramco, regional private banks, contracting companies and investors etc. . Our MENA Consulting agency builds bridges for you into international markets. Sell your products with us more successfully.


  • Individual corporate design
  • Online Marketing
  • Culture adapted marketing
  • Translations
  • Arabic SEO
  • Asian SEO
  • Customer Relations

Sales Development

  • Decision makers
  • Negotiations
  • Ministries
  • Companies
  • Networks
  • Legal questions
  • Sales

Services & Translations

  • Suitable Sales people
  • Local Offices
  • Regional Office Setup
  • Real estate
  • English, German, Spanish, Protuguese, French, Arabic, Farsi

A walk around the 7Bay Consulting Agency

Our greatest strengths for your success

Informal Communication Routes

Your success is our advertisement. Our 7Bay Consulting agency uses for your success formal and informal communication routes, which we have created in the arab and persian countries within the last 40 years. Our networks gives us access into government channels and decision makers within the private industry in many markets. Use our roads in order to reach your goals. Success runs through networks.

Being on target

The business culture is very different from country to country. While in one country one is very prone to discuss technical details into the smallest details we are likely to experience, in another country, that our communication partner loses interest after a few minutes. The seller understands this as weakness of his product arguments and chooses to expand on technical argumentations. His counterpart becomes more distant and does not feel understood. Both sides do not know anymore how to achieve a successful transaction. Have you ever experienced such a situation? Likewise you are well advised to have our consultant supporting you while you handle your company's interests.

Step by step approach

In order for us to achieve our aims we analyse every progress from the perspective of your counterpart's mentality. We develop our steps and pay attention to protect your interests.

Following through on the strategy in a controlled manner

When our International Consulting Agency rolls out its strategy we regularly check the reactions of our target market and readjust based upon that. It is important for us, that we do not invest uncontrolled time and efforts.

Business Contacts

After having produced several business leads we discuss with you their market potentials. We want to achieve with you the greatest development possibility, therefore it is important for us, that you have a strong network.

Creating a positive and lasting impression

In our sales it is important to create a positive feeling with our local counterparts. When we achieve this, then we stay in good memory and the doors open for us sooner or later. We use our healthy and trusted name in the market to your benefit and we expect you to protect that reputation in your dealings. It is important to work towards longterm relationships in the competitive marketplace we are in today instead of the shortterm profit.

Taking care of our Image

Have you ever decided not to buy because the Image of the manufacturer was not good enough? For us it is important, that we take care of our image every step we take. Even in difficult situations we make sure to take care of our image. We reap benefit from the image we create.
The pictures and impressions, which we create, decide if the decision is taken in our favor or not.

Search function for your products

As many potential customers start by searching for available products in the internet, it is also sometimes part of our strategy to improve your google ranking. If your company ranks well in google, then many customers will know, that you are a very important company in the industry. A good ranking creates a good impression.

Using public relations tools

In our sales activities we will also offer you the opportunity to use indirect image enhancement tools. We can offer you to become a sponsor for Local National sports team. The impression of the market determines the demand. Therefore it is also possible, that we engage indirect means, in order to improve the image of your product. Depending upon the strategy we choose we then engage the individual steps.

Networking without selling

Independent of sales we work on expanding our network. Therefore it is important for us take care of our contacts and relationships. Our International Consulting Agency spends a lot of time and effort to maintain and strengthen these contacts for you. You will benefit from the Connections of our Consulting agency.

Corporate Design

You do not have a finished corporate design? Allow us to consult and develop for you a structure with system and you will in short be shining with your own branding.

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